Can and should any limitations of the previous strategies be met by building a movement for a massive nonviolent uprising, such as those that unseated governments in Eastern Europe and the Middle East?

These failed in their ultimate aims because, in general, they were so spontaneous that other undemocratic forces were able to move in, but they do show that even highly repressive governments can be toppled when the people stop consenting to their rule. The question is whether anything less will succeed here and — if not — should this be our aim.


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One thought on “7. Revolution

  1. DeAnn Gorney

    I believe that the system is so broken that we need to have a massive uprising of all of us. We need to start with term limits. Term limits would force politicians to realize that a real job away from Washington is their future so actually helping will be cost effective Campaigns should be funded equally by what ever system we decide, no super pacs no unmonitored lobbying. Dump the electoral college and go back to1 man 1 vote based perhaps on SS numbers and computers.but unless we take to the streets as a people nothing will change. No politician is going to vote for any of the above because it’s all downside for career politicians.