“You can have the best President in the history of the world, and that person will not be able to address the major crises that we face unless there’s a mass political movement, unless there’s a political revolution in this country!” –Bernie Sanders


No matter how far Bernie goes or doesn’t go, our job is to build that “mass political movement” that the larger project of ending the power of the billionaire class demands. In the best of worlds, the election will give us President Sanders, facing a Congress dominated by the less strident of the two parties that neglect our people and the planet in favor of corporate wealth; facing a 2.7-million-person bureaucracy, with its 175,000 pages of regulations, revolving door with big business, and ready access for corporate lawyers and lobbyists; and facing a judiciary with large elements ready to block real change.


Depending on one’s point of view, the movement needed could be one like that described in the campaign website, “with enough power not only to elect a president but to insist that all of our elected representatives return power to the people”; or one that replaces those representatives with people not beholden to society’s wealthiest; or one that can enact a money-out-of-politics constitutional amendment; or one that builds for a nonviolent but truly revolutionary uprising to overturn political rule by the super-rich.


No matter how you see the political revolution happening, if you recognize that it will take more than an electoral campaign and will have to extend well past November 8, 2016, you are in the right place. was created to permit you and people like you to have online and face-to-face dialogs about how to create a massive mobilization for a truly democratic government, one dedicated to peace, social and racial justice, environmental sustainability, economic security, and a society hospitable to the needs of the human spirit. We expect that people with similar views on the way forward will come together; people with differing views will learn from each other; and those who then find themselves ready to take — or continue — action according to one or another strategy will be able to organize themselves to do so.

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