Contributing Money

The success of this project will quickly overwhelm its rudimentary website. Additional funds will enable us to add better facilities for online discussions and for locating local groups meeting face-to-face, make it work better on mobile devices, and add social-media sharing buttons.

Remembering that the best President can do next to nothing without the backing of a powerful, organized, and ongoing movement, and that such a movement is needed to prevent any other Administration from continuing Wall Street’s disastrous rule, please consider contributing at least as much here as you have given to Bernie’s campaign.
Wish List: Other Ways to Support This Effort

Please contact us  if you can help in any of these ways.

  • Helping moderate the online forums
  • Fleshing out the Resources Page
  • Maintaining and upgrading the website; search engine optimization
  • Fundraising
  • Preparing materials to guide and support local groups
  • Any other way you can see that you could support this effort

And we welcome your questions and feedback.