This is a place to conduct the dialogue about what needs to happen, so we can move forward in a unified way.  You can start a conversation by submitting a post, or comment on what others have written.  Please address differences in opinion respectfully, and stay on topic.  Feel free to contact us to suggest additional topics.



Current topics appear in this order:

Role of democratic reforms, including money out of politics.

Pressuring Congress;  electing a new one.

Running people in local elections.
Inclusiveness (race, sex, orientation).

Taking over the Democratic Party;   pushing it to the left

Where workplace and community self-organizing fit in.

Need for, prospects of a nonviolent popular uprising.

Working democratically, coordinating nationally.

Adding to Bernie’s focus on income inequality and failed democracy.

Making more effective.


Is working for democratic reforms such as money out of politics, proportional representation, and instant runoff voting the way to go?

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No Responses     June 6, 2016  11:07 am

Can we succeed within the current system through a movement “to insist that all of our elected representatives return power to the people” (Bernie’s site) or to elect a “brand new Congress”?

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No Responses     June 6, 2016  11:06 am

How valuable is trying to elect to local offices people who understand the systemic problems? 

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No Responses     June 6, 2016  11:05 am

Inclusiveness:  how can we insure that we are a place where everyone who can contribute can feel welcome?

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No Responses     June 6, 2016  11:04 am

Can the Democratic Party be reformed, whether by pushing it to the left or taking it over from below (through county central committees), or is it beyond redemption, requiring us to focus our efforts elsewhere?
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No Responses     June 6, 2015  11:08 am

What is the relationship of new local forms such as worker cooperatives, community gardens, and neighborhoods self-organizing for safety (to reduce outside policing), to the political revolution?

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No Responses     December 13, 2014  9:11 pm

Can and should any limitations of the previous strategies be met by building a movement for a massive nonviolent uprising, such as those that unseated governments in Eastern Europe and the Middle East?

These failed in their ultimate aims because, in general, they were so spontaneous that other undemocratic forces were able to move in, but they do show that even highly repressive governments can be toppled when the people stop consenting to their rule. The question is whether anything less will succeed here and — if not — should this be our aim.


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one response     December 13, 2014  9:10 pm

If national organization is needed, what forms and practices permit unified action where necessary while applying real internal democracy and appropriate local autonomy? Or is it more a matter of creating networks?

No Responses     December 13, 2014  9:08 pm

Bernie focuses on income inequality and lack of democracy, and — to some extent — climate change.  Are there reasons not to broaden our agenda to equally include such matters as institutional racism, an interventionist foreign policy, and the gigantic military-industrial complex that goes with it?

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No Responses     December 13, 2014  12:53 am

How can this Beyond Bernie effort be improved?

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No Responses     December 10, 2014  10:14 pm