S.F. Bay Area Working Meeting to Keep the Political Revolution Going, August 21, 2016, 1:30 p.m.. Come to a meeting to tap into the energy of this moment. Attendees may make pitches for any projects that they are ready to organize, as long as they are concrete actions that speak to the unique opportunities of this short post-Bernie, pre-election period. After proposals are described, we will break out into working groups to start on whatever projects attendees are drawn to. We will devote the bulk of the time to this part of the meeting.

Among the projects will be one by We have a proposal to re-unite those of us who were allies a month ago. We see a way to participate in either the Hillary Clinton or the Jill Stein campaign. It puts both within a broader project to identify and bring together those ready for dialog about the longer-term work of creating revolutionary change. And then the work can begin!

To request time to present a proposal, Contact us. To download the event flyer, click here.

August 21, 1:30–3:30 p.m. Berkeley Arts Festival, 2133 University Ave., Berkeley (One Block from BART)


Bernie Letter Open for Signing, June, 2016. Go here to sign a letter urging Bernie’s campaign to alert supporters to this website and its initiative to extend the movement for a political revolution beyond the electoral realm.


Contact us  if you wish to post an event related to the work of

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